This section lists some common compatibility requirements and how to address them

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Craco for React Apps

You may need to update your craco.config.js file (or create a new one) with the following

const webpack = require("webpack");
module.exports = {
  webpack: {
    plugins: {
      add: [
        new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
          Buffer: ["buffer", "Buffer"],
    configure: (webpackConfig) => {
      // ts-loader is required to reference external typescript projects/files (non-transpiled)
        test: /\\.tsx?$/,
        loader: "ts-loader",
        options: {
          transpileOnly: true,
          configFile: "tsconfig.json",
      webpackConfig.resolve.fallback = {
        // crypto and stream needed for @celo/utils
        crypto: require.resolve("crypto-browserify"),
        stream: require.resolve("stream-browserify"),
        url: false,
        zlib: false,
        https: false,
        http: false,

      return webpackConfig;

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