The Biconomy SDK is an Account Abstraction toolkit that enables the simple UX on your dApp, wallet or appchain. Built on top of the ERC 4337 solution for Account Abstraction, we offer a full-stack solution for tapping into the power of our Smart Accounts Platform, Paymasters, and Bundlers.

Getting Started

Get started with Biconomy at

Connecting Biconomy to a Capsule Signer


You will need the following dependencies to create a Smart Account:

yarn add @biconomy/account @biconomy/bundler @biconomy/common @biconomy/core-types @biconomy/modules @biconomy/paymaster @usecapsule/react-sdk ethers@5.7.2


// Biconomy Imports
import { IPaymaster, BiconomyPaymaster } from '@biconomy/paymaster'
import { IBundler, Bundler } from '@biconomy/bundler'
import { BiconomySmartAccountV2, DEFAULT_ENTRYPOINT_ADDRESS } from "@biconomy/account"
import { Wallet, providers, ethers } from 'ethers';
import { ChainId } from "@biconomy/core-types"
import { ECDSAOwnershipValidationModule, DEFAULT_ECDSA_OWNERSHIP_MODULE } from "@biconomy/modules";

CHAIN = ChainId.POLYGON_MUMBAI // or any supported chain of your choice

// Set up instances of Bundler and Paymaster.
// Alternatively you can also use the Multi chain Module this way.
const bundler: IBundler = new Bundler({
    // get from biconomy dashboard
    bundlerUrl: '',     
    chainId: CHAIN,

const paymaster: IPaymaster = new BiconomyPaymaster({
  // get from biconomy dashboard
  paymasterUrl: '' 

// create capsule ethers signer
const provider = new ethers.JsonRpcProvider(

const signer = new CapsuleEthersSigner(capsule, provider);

// create the biconomy smart account with a capsule ethers signer
const connect = async () => {
    try {

      const module = await ECDSAOwnershipValidationModule.create({
        signer: signer,

      let biconomySmartAccount = await BiconomySmartAccountV2.create({
        chainId: ChainId.POLYGON_MUMBAI,
        bundler: bundler, 
        paymaster: paymaster,
        entryPointAddress: DEFAULT_ENTRYPOINT_ADDRESS,
        defaultValidationModule: module,
        activeValidationModule: module

      const address = await biconomySmartAccount.getAccountAddress()
    } catch (error) {

Note: for simplicity, Capsule imports are not included in the above- It is assumed that the Capsule object has been instantiated and the user has created a wallet. If you need access to Capsule or help getting set up, please see the Getting Started section

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