Stackup is a blockchain infrastructure provider that specializes in account abstraction. Stackup's ERC-4337 transaction infrastructure powers the most popular account abstraction projects in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Getting Started

Create an account at Follow the instructions to create an API key, and check out Stackup's getting started guide to create applications with ERC-4337.

Connecting Stackup to a Capsule Signer

import { ethers } from "ethers";
import { Presets, Client } from "userop";

// create a capsule ethers signer
const provider = new ethers.JsonRpcProvider(
const signer = new CapsuleEthersSigner(capsule, rpcUrl);

// create a Stackup account
const builder = await Presets.Builder.SimpleAccount.init(signer, rpcUrl);

const address = builder.getSender();
console.log(`Smart Account address: ${address}`);

Note: for simplicity, Capsule imports are not included in the above- It is assumed that the Capsule object has been instantiated and the user has created a wallet. If you need access to Capsule or help getting set up, please see the Getting Started section

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