Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication

Utilizing two-factor authentication for secure wallet recovery

Capsule supports 2FA for secure wallet recovery out of the box! If using the CapsuleModal 2FA is enabled by default. If you wish to disable this step, check out the Customize Capsule section.

If you are using the Web and Mobile SDKs directly, the following methods are available for you to enable 2FA for wallet recovery.


Sets up 2FA for the current user. Returns a promise containing the Google Authenticator key URI, can be used to generate a QR code or parsed to retrieve the secret for the user to copy into their preferred 2FA application.

setup2FA(): Promise<{
  uri?: string


Verifies the 2FA code and enables 2FA for the current user.

enable2FA(verificationCode: string): Promise<void>;


Determines if 2FA has been set up for the current user.

check2FAStatus(): Promise<{
  isSetup: boolean

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