Capsule Connect

Connect a Capsule Wallet to other apps using WalletConnect.

Getting Started and Connecting to an App

The Capsule Connect App makes it easy to use your Capsule wallet to sign anywhere WalletConnect is supported!
Once logging in with your Capsule Wallet, you can connect to apps to sign.
To use your embedded wallet anywhere WalletConnect is supported, follow these steps
  1. 1.
    Navigate to the Capsule Connect App
  2. 2.
    Log In with your Capsule email and passkey
  3. 3.
    Use WalletConnect to connect your dApp of choice by navigating to WalletConnect within the app and either:
Selecting the Capsule tile from “view all” — this will open the capsule app and prompt you to login if you haven’t yet. Next time, you'll see Capsule prioritized under "Recent" for convenience.
Copying the link in the WalletConnect Component, then entering it in the “wc code” input in the Capsule for WalletConnect App

Signing Transactions

Come back to the app page to approve and sign with your wallet
You’ll then need to revisit this page to approve any individual transactions


If you’re facing any issues with either WalletConnect or Capsule as you’re connecting to other apps, copy the QR code link in the WalletConnect modal and paste it into the Capsule Connect App. Navigate back to the page to approve and sign transactions with your wallet.


For Users

Connecting to different applications with Capsule Connect does not give applications access to the wallet, instead requiring explicit approval on each transaction. There's more coming in this area, if you'd like to learn more get in touch!

For Developers

For applications that have not integrated Capsule, users are prompted to confirm and sign individual transactions, which matches the default experience most crypto users are familiar with today and minimizes trust requirements for users to try new apps.
For applications that have integrated Capsule, users can use wallets cross-app directly within the app experience without needing to use Capsule Connect, offering an experience with no redirects, popups, or context switching for the user