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The Capsule Account Snap lets you use Capsule MPC anywhere you can use MetaMask!


The easiest way to add the Capsule Account Snap is by visiting the Capsule Account Snap Listing and selecting Add to MetaMask. We've also added some more details below.

Enable Account Snaps in MetaMask

  1. In order to use the Capsule Account Snap, you must first have the MetaMask extension downloaded. If you need help downloading MetaMask, head to MetaMask FAQs

  2. Once you are in MetaMask, navigate to Settings by clicking on the three dots in the top right hand corner

  3. Select the Experimental section, then toggle to enable Account Snaps

Add the Capsule Account Snap

  1. Visit the Capsule Snap Page or navigate to Accounts and select Add Snap Account

  2. From there, select Capsule Account Snap and start wallet creation

  3. Enter your email and verify your email with a six digit code

  4. Then, set up a passkey which stores a key share in your device. Either scan the QR code or click on it

  5. Set up the passkey with either FaceID or TouchID

  6. Set up 2FA (optional)

  7. Press “create” in your MetaMask extension. This allows MetaMask to add the Capsule account into your MetaMask extension. Now you’re ready to transact!

Funding Your Wallet

You’ll be able to fund your wallet either via on-ramping through MetaMask or via transferring into your Capsule wallet.

MetaMask Fiat On & Off-Ramp

Click “Buy/Sell” in your Metamask wallet and purchase crypto via a debit or credit card through MetaMask with Capsule selected as the destination account. This will send crypto straight to your Capsule wallet.

Transferring from MetaMask

Transfer from an existing MetaMask wallet into your Capsule wallet. Click “Send” in your MetaMask wallet to send crypto from an existing MetaMask account to your Capsule account

Signing Transactions

Now, use MetaMask as you normally would with your favorite dApps, anywhere that MetaMask is a supported wallet!

Session Timeouts

Capsule uses passkeys to add an extra layer of protection to your account, which timeout after 90 minutes. If you see the following dialog, go back to the snap as indicated, hit Connect, then complete the passkey again before proceeding with your transaction.

Redirect to Capsule to reactivate session
Go back to the Snap page to reactivate your session

Wallet Recovery

In order to restore access to your wallet in the event your device has been lost or compromised, head to the Capsule Portal. To restore your wallet, you’ll need:

  • Access to your email

  • Your 2FA code (if you set it up)

You’ll need to wait for 48 hours after entering your information into the Capsule Portal before your wallet is recovered. Read more about this process here.

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