Cosmos Quickstart

Capsule for Cosmos allows you to:

  • Streamline User Onboarding: Easily onboard users into your application with an email, phone number, or social login

  • Unified Accounts across EVM and Cosmos: Offer a unified account structure across EVM and Cosmos to leverage the same embedded wallet account across both ecosystems

  • In-App Transaction Signing: Sign Cosmos transactions directly in-app. Allow users to view balances, transaction history, sending, staking, swapping – all within your application

  • Cosmos-Specific Features: Access specialized gas management interfaces tailored to the Cosmos ecosystem

Signing Transactions

Capsule currently supports cosm.js signers. Check out the implementation in web, react native, and server SDK here

Partnership with Leap

We’ve partnered with Leap Wallet to build out:

  • Cosmos Kit Capsule connector

  • Cosmos-specific in-wallet UI with features like viewing balances, transaction history, token transfers, swapping, bridging – within your application

Integrating Capsule

CosmosKit is a wallet adapter for developers to build apps that quickly and easily interact with Cosmos blockchains and wallets. Leverage the Cosmos Kit Capsule connector that allows any application using Cosmos Kit to easily create embedded wallets. To get started:

Integrating Leap's embedded wallet UI

If you'd like to incorporate in-app UI for your embedded wallets, integrate Leap's embedded wallet UI SDK. This add on enables functionality including easy access to balances, transaction history, or even transfer and IBC in-app.


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