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What is Metamask Snaps? What is an Account Snap?

MetaMask Snaps is an initiative piloted by the MetaMask team that allows third-party developers to add features and functionality to extend MetaMask. Snaps has already had a big year, with the launch of many Snaps developed by projects across the crypto ecosystem.

Account Snaps is a new category of Snaps that exist within the MetaMask extension. Account Snaps extend and change the way accounts are managed in MetaMask and can be directly accessed in the “Accounts” tab in the extension.

Why should I use the Capsule Snap?

Capsule’s Account Snap allows you to set up a Capsule wallet and access it within MetaMask. This means you can:

  • Easily set up a wallet with an email and sign transactions with FaceID or TouchID

  • Recover wallets

  • Experience crypto through the MetaMask interface like exploring apps and tokens, buying, selling, staking, swapping, and bridging

How do I use the Capsule Snap?

Get started with the Capsule Snap directly within MetaMask:

  1. Visit “Settings” > “Experimental” > “Enable Account Snaps”

  2. Create a Capsule wallet or login if you already have one on https://snap.app.usecapsule.com/

  3. Accept permissions within MetaMask to add Capsule. Fund your wallet with the Buy/Sell feature or transfer from another account

What networks and tokens are supported by the Capsule Snap?

Transact as you normally would with the Capsule Snap. You will be able to transact on any ECDSA chain. Capsule supports all EVM networks supported by Infura and chains leveraging the cosmos-sdk out of the box.

Can I use an existing Capsule wallet with the Capsule Snap?

If you already have an existing Capsule wallet created, log in and access the Snap as you normally would access a wallet on MetaMask.

Does Capsule store personal information?

Capsule takes the protection of your personal information seriously. Emails are used to identify accounts and facilitate account recovery for Capsule users and are kept private.

Is the Capsule Snap safe?

Capsule’s underlying technology and the Capsule Metamask Snap have been successfully audited by Least Authority, a top audit firm. See the full audit reports for Snaps(link) and Capsule MPC(link)

Capsule’s Account Snap creates a new Capsule-powered account in MetaMask and does not directly access MetaMask accounts. As always, please use caution in safeguarding recovery or other sensitive key material information. Capsule will never ask you for a private key or a seed phrase, and Capsule Support will never proactively contact you asking for private information.

How do I reach out to get help?

Reach out to MetaMask Support or support@usecapsule.com if you run into any issues

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